May 12, 2020

How the Virus May Change Your Next Home

Designers and architects expect the pandemic to affect apartment design long after the lockdowns are over. This article in the New York Times shares a few trends we are likely to see.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed any number of demands on our homes, which now serve as makeshift offices, art studios, gyms, workshops, classrooms and storage lockers. And urban apartments — where all of those functions are often squeezed into a space-constrained envelope — face the biggest challenges of all. Those of us quarantined in a city have devised ad hoc solutions to cope in the short term. But if history is any guide, the experience should have lasting implications for the future of apartment design long after the lockdowns end.

–Chisel note: The article’s context is related to apartment design, however, all home types can experience a space-constrained envelope and benefit from these ideas!

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