We created Chisel Architecture as a design experience crafted from nearly four decades of expertise.

In our collective view, design is undoubtedly exhilarating.

- Sara Whicher, Assoc. AIA
Co-Founder & Designer

For Chisel, it’s critical that the process surrounding design also has shape, form, language and intention. This means that we’re dedicated client advocates from start to finish. It means that our problem-solving skill sets are always engaged. It means we shape conversations around the intimacy of design. It means we fully understand symbiotic relationships between the homeowner who will live in and love their space, the talented craftspeople who contribute exquisite detail, agile builders who modify with flexibility, and lead architects and designers who orchestrate the entire project to make it sing.

Anyone who encounters chisel architecture will enjoy a design experience like no other.

The team at Chisel provides architectural custom design and a custom process. In our award-winning work while with Midwest-based design firms, eight years together at two firms and seven years at four additional firms, we have acquired an incredible breadth of expertise. We have a track record of proven success as lead designers and project managers with honed technical skills in material specs, drafting, construction documentation; and intuitive personal skills in client and consultant management and communications.

We know project and design roles inside and out. We know client preferences when it comes to design input, involvement and contribution and those preferences, of course, can be all over the map. We delight in working on a range of projects from an urban smaller scale master bedroom remodel to a Northern Minnesota site with an open slate to embrace the landscape.

As we embark on this journey as Chisel Architecture, we have many mentors, clients and partners in our history of design. These individuals, through their teaching and trust, are a part of the collective culture the firm and the legacy we’re crafting. With confidence that anyone who encounters Chisel Architecture will enjoy a design experience like no other, we invite you in. Come find your Pattern of Life®. It’s a positively exhilarating experience!

- Marcy Townsend, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Co-Founder & Registered Architect
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